Inclusive charges

Spending on piknow provide services on "AS LOW AS NON" which is as low as 10%, there is no hidden or extra charges not shown to you. So share your way by finding your perfect match, anywhere, anytime .

Easy Searching

People Commuting on a similar route wait for you to pool in. Your Coordinates makes you popular on the map for the perfect match ride you opt for. Secure scheduling reduces waiting issues on availability of empty seats.


As a concept “Sharing is Caring “, We provide you shared services , as we care for every individual User and Facilitator ,for which we have a complete profile of both , we share your route with your close ones and in the event of any mishap we can track your ride. Strict action can be taken on any Security issues - we believe in secured masking as our essential part of providing shared ride hailing services to the commuter .

Vehicle Age Limitation

We allow you to use your own Private car to avail the option of never ride alone. Whether it Be Hatchback , Sedan , Minivan , Mini bus ,Suv , Bus , Coaster etc While understanding the need of your vehicle to be well maintained and not risk causing problem. Saving your fuel and time is our priority .

Easy To Book A Cab

Use PIKNOW to save money

Keep in Touch

Your precious thoughts awaits below ,Save time, Pick someone along with you whom you trust.Some experiences might get worse but many awaits for a new visionary way waiting to keep your route Optimized , Notifications of updates will be shown to not let you get bored !! We want you to recommend and share your experiences with new travellers around pakistan , also guide us how can we improve the services , to let you move safely intra/intercity both .

Karachi, Pakistan

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